Let's be honest about our pets. We love them, but we don't love their shedding, especially in the confined spaces of our vehicles. Here are a couple of excellent tips to help you get pet hair out of your car.

Next time you're out shopping, grab a few balloons. Later, blow one up, and rub it across your car's upholstery. What you're doing is creating static electricity, which attracts pet hair. As you rub the balloon across the seats, the pet hair simply lifts away. Another static tip is to use rubber gloves. Put them on, spray a little water on your upholstery, and rub your hands across it in a vigorous motion. Soon, you'll notice pet hair accumulated on your fingertips.

BMW of Sioux Falls can give you a few more tips to get rid of pet hair. Visit our Sioux Falls location to learn more.



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